Greening Tips - Do Your Bit

AORTIC 2013 has endeavoured to reduce its environmental footprint through the implementation of a green policy.You can assist AORTIC 2013 in being a sustainable conference by following the "Green Tips" below.

  • Recycling - Paper, plastic, glass and tins will be recycled. Recycling centres will be set up around the Conference venue. Delegates will be encouraged to return their unwanted name tag pouches and lanyards for re-use. Unwanted stationery and delegate bags can be returned for redistribution to disadvantaged schoolchildren.
  • Online conference materials - All AORTIC 2013 presentations and abstracts will be available online at the conference website to prevent the unnecessary waste of printing. Alternatively, CDs can be produced with all conference materials pre-loaded (this is also a sponsorship opportunity).
  • Water - Durban's water is safe to drink and tastes good and you are encouraged to choose water from jugs instead of plastic bottles in order to minimise waste.
  • Accommodation - The official AORTIC 2013 hotels will be encouraged to follow a green policy for the duration of AORTIC 2013. Please assist by preventing unnecessary laundering of towels and remembering to switch off your lights and air conditioning when you leave your room. If you are not staying at an AORTIC 2013 recommended accommodation option, ask your preferred accommodation if they have a green policy in place and try to book accommodation that is within walking distance of the ICC Durban.
  • Carbon emissions offsets - My Tree in Africa is an environmental initiative in association with Food & Trees for Africa. Food & Trees for Africa was established in 1990 and is a not-for-profit social enterprise. They offer a service for travelers to offset the carbon emissions of their flights to (and within) South Africa by making a donation that will pay for the planting of trees. They estimate that 1 tree offsets 4 hours flying, and that every indigenous tree planted in South Africa absorbs in excess of 500 kilograms of carbon during its lifetime. You can offset your flight to Durban, and donate a tree to be planted in underprivileged areas at schools, clinics or public recreation areas in Africa.

Key Dates

Abstract submission deadline:
Bursary application deadline:
AORTIC 2013 Pre Conference Workshops:
Wednesday 20 – Thursday 21 November 2013
AORTIC 2013:
Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 November 2013