Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

The Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception will take place at the Kunduchi Hotel. This is the first official event of the conference and as such has high attendance. Delegates will be welcomed to the conference, entertained and given the opportunity to network, meet old acquaintances and make new friends. Drinks and substantial snacks follow entertainment with a lively African flavour.

Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will be held at the Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort. This elegant occasion is one of the highlights of the conference and rounds off the event in style. There will be a short reception followed by a served starter and then either a buffet or plated meal. It promises to be a very memorable occasion.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony is the plenary session at which the success of the conference is summed up and where thanks are given to the participates of the event. There will be short addresses by members of the Executive Council and the Organising Committee.

27 March 2009
Abstract Submissions

27 March 2009
Bursary Applications

April 2009
Registration opens

11 November 2009
AORTIC 2009 Opening Ceremony

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