It’s not all hard work and no play! A varied selection of day tours in and around Dakar will be available for AORTIC 2023 delegates and partners who find that they have a free moment during the Conference week. Rich culture and history, colorful markets, and stunning coastline, Dakar and surroundings offer many places to be discovered and a wide range of landscapes to enjoy.

Our local partner CTA Incentives and Events has carefully put together tours that we hope will appeal to you, the delegates of AORTIC 2023.

Please feel free to contact us if you need some assistance or have requests that are not covered in the demo itineraries below, please feel free to contact us on HERE.

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Full-day excursions


The Bandia private reserve is a small jewel of ecological success, thanks to the surprising regeneration of its flora and the reintroduction of large African mammals, some of which had disappeared for centuries due to demographic pressure and poaching.

It is located 65 km from Dakar and 15 km from Saly-Portudal (a seaside resort on the “petite côte”) on the main road (N1) to Mbour and Casamance….

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The island of Gorée has a bewitching charm: four kilometers off the coast of Dakar and about twenty minutes by boat, the island is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

In turn Portuguese, Dutch and French, the island became one of the main strongholds of the slave trade in the seventeenth century. With a past both tragic and sumptuous, the island’s faded colors, old ochre walls, painted wooden balconies and narrow sandy streets all leading to the sea, exude a bewitching charm…

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Lac rose, or Lake Retba, is located 30 km north-east of Dakar, a few hundred meters from the ocean. Surrounded by dunes and filaos, it’s a shallow lagoon whose pink color, sometimes tending towards violet, is due to the micro-organisms that inhabit its bottom, as well as to the position of the sun.

Salt is collected here, and pyramids are made of it, and this dish-white contrasts superbly with the pink of the lake and the blue of the sky, reviving the impression of being photographed in a fake postcard…

Nb: Due to the heavy rains of last season, the lake has changed color.

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Half-day excursion


Dakar is located on a large road stead in the south of the Cape Verde peninsula, marking the westernmost point of the African continent. Since 1960, Dakar has been the capital of the Senegalese state, and the architectural heritage of the colonial era is still visible.

Today, Dakar is a large, modern city where the Western way of life blends with traditional lifestyles.

Departure in a private minibus or sedan car with a guide for a panoramic tour of the city of Dakar. Points of interest include:

– The Daniel Sorano National Theatre, Senegal’s national stage;

– The Cathedral of African Remembrance, Dakar’s largest church and seat of the Archdiocese;

– The Palais Présidentiel, a historic building that was once the residence of the Governor General of French West Africa, and later the Senegalese Head of State;

– Place de l’Indépendance, the heart of the city, surrounded by most of the banks and airlines;

– The Musée des Civilisations Noires, an expression of black culture in the heart of Dakar;

– The Monument de la Renaissance, an imposing 52-metre-high monument in bronze and copper dominating one of the two volcanic hills above the city. The statues represent a couple and their child, raised to the sky.

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