African Cancer Leaders Institute


The goal of the AORTIC African Cancer Leaders Institute (ACLI) is to develop the next generation of leaders in cancer research, advocacy, education, policy, and clinical practice in Africa. ACLI will create a pathway for successful participants to demonstrate leadership skills within the Organisation by serving on AORTIC committees and Council.

The ACLI will develop activities for individuals who commit to providing leadership in cancer for Africa. The ACLI will commission workshops, satellite meetings, exchanges, and other activities to compliment the professional competencies of ACLI participants.

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ACLI Objectives

The overall objective is to develop the next generation of leaders in cancer research and practice in Africa with the following objectives.

Aim 1. Intensive training for career development – Review advanced concepts in patient-oriented cancer research and public-private partnerships to accelerate progress in cancer care.
Aim 2. Network development – ACLI participants and mentors will share and discuss research and advocacy needs, developing long-term relationships and potential for collaboration. ACLI members of past cohorts (2013, 2015) will also be invited to the ACLI networking lunches.
Aim 3. Mentorship – Individuals of senior stature with experience in various aspects of research, academic, clinical, outreach, and other areas of leadership in Africa will be identified to serve as mentors to ACLI participants.
Aim 4. Long-term scholarly advancement – Disseminate new knowledge and promote the careers of a new generation of leading African investigators, especially women and minority participants by publishing a summary of ACLI topics with Keynote Speakers.

Apply for ACLI 2017

Bursary selection criteria

Successful candidates for the ACLI will be individuals who show promise to lead initiatives and activities related to clinical cancer research in Africa. Applicants can be at all levels of experience and will be selected to represent a wide range of areas, including research, clinical practice, advocacy, outreach, policy, and other areas relevant to the development of cancer leadership in Africa. Special consideration will be given to those individuals who are involved in patient care or engaged in patient-oriented research relevant to Africa, or individuals who are planning to apply for NIH research training grants or career development awards like F32/K01/K08/K23/K43/K99/R00 and/or can provide a rationale for how they will contribute to the development of high-quality cancer care in Africa. Candidates will be encouraged to demonstrate their interest and ability to commit to AORTIC and cancer leadership activities over the long term. ACLI will be particularly suitable for awardees of K43 Global Leadership Awards and BIGCat awards from the NCI. Candidates must be or have to become a member of AORTIC to be eligible.

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ACLI Participation

ACLI participants will participate in the following ACLI-supported activities:

  1. Communication with potential ACLI mentor before the AORTIC 2017 conference.
  2. Attend the AORTIC 2017 Conference* in Kigali, Rwanda, 7-10 November 2017.
  3. Participate in on-going communication with ACLI participants and mentors.
  4. Develop a leadership plan (goals, activities, timeline) within the candidate’s area of interest and expertise that has an impact on cancer in Africa.
  5. Identify specific leadership activities that can be facilitated by AORTIC and that develop AORTIC’s impact on cancer in Africa.

*Participants will receive:
A) Funding for travel to attend AORTIC 2017
Please note:

  1. Travel support is not transferable.
  2. Economy flights paid for by AORTIC are return non-upgradeable economy airfares (which might include stop-overs).
  3. Only two options from the most economical airlines will be provided.
  4. Upgrades or bookings with preferred airlines, which may be more expensive, will be for your own account.
  5. Any accommodation requested en-route will be for your own account.
  6. All visa costs are for your own account.
  7. Please attach a copy of your passport and return directly to
  8. Once the flight itinerary has been confirmed, the flight bookings made and the ticket issued, any personal request to change such a booking will only be affected on condition that all additional charges or penalties will be borne by the passenger as a consequence of the flight change.

ATTENTION: All passengers and/or clients are responsible to ensure that his/her passport is valid for 6 months after return to Rwanda. Please note many countries will refuse entry to passengers travelling on a temporary passport. Ensure that all names are as per passport as changes cannot be made to names once tickets have been issued. Ultimate responsibility lies with the passenger to ensure that all relevant visas and inoculations have been obtained before any departure. Fares are subject to availability and can change at any time due to currency fluctuations – no fares are guaranteed until tickets have been issued and paid for. It is strongly recommended to obtain travel insurance – kindly speak to your consultant for more details.

B) Conference registration to attend AORTIC 2017

  1. Excluding conference dinner

C) Accommodation for 4 nights at a 3 star hotel

For the Participants own account:

  1. Upgrades / changes to flights
  2. Visas, inoculations, travel insurance
  3. Conference dinner
  4. Extended accommodation
  5. Airport transfers

ACLI participants must register themselves for AORTIC and are responsible for following the instructions in their letter of acceptance to book accommodation and flights.

As only limited bursaries will be given out, applicants are encouraged to apply for funding elsewhere. However, applicants are only eligible to be awarded one AORTIC related bursary (this includes the AORTIC 2017 Bursaries and bursaries associated with other AORTIC programmes).

Apply for ACLI 2017

Application submission

Application opens: March 13, 2017
Deadline for submission: May 9, 2017
Selection decisions: Mid-June, 2017

Participation in AORTIC 2017, Kigali, Rwanda, 7-10 November 2017

Application submission and application questions to Skye Wilson (

Questions regarding the ACLI programme to Funmi Olopade ( or Tim Rebbeck (